All Consumer Complaints for 1995 Chevrolet Suburban C2500 3/4 Ton

Important Note About Consumer Complaints

The Consumer Complaints are provided by the NHTSA and are used AS IS, without editing by anyone. You should use these consumer complaints as a starting point to see what potential issues you should look for.

Component Date of Report Summary
Other 31 October 2006 Consumer 1995 suburban paint is peeling off the vehicle. *ts *nm
Fuel System, Diesel 04 September 2006 I am the original owner of a 1995 chevrolet ck2500 4 x 4 truck with the 6.5 liter diesel engine. due to lift pump failure, the truck dies with no warning. the lift pump has been replaced 3 times (currently at repair shop for this again). the dealer has replaced it with a new lift pump supposedly each time, but i was not shown or given the old lift pump. there is a major safety factor involved with this part failure/design. the truck has died 2 out of 3 times in heavy traffic. the '95 chevy truck is used to pull a horse trailer. i am to the point i am afraid to pull the horse trailer loaded with our horses with this chevy truck. i can only imagine what could happen when you have a trailer behind this truck when the lift pump starts going out and you try to steer without power steering or power brakes, because the truck has quit. i found a gm technical service bulletin #77-63-06ab on the internet in regards to a "fix" for this. this article also states the potential danger of this failure such as pulling into heavy traffic or descending a steep hill and losing the use of power steering and power brakes. *jb
Hinge And Attachments
24 June 2006 1995 chevrolet 2500 pick-up tailgate cable broke. *jb
Service Brakes, Hydraulic
14 December 2005 Dt: the contact stated the abs activated at low speeds. the mechanic bled the brakes and replaced the brake pads. the abs activated while driving around a curve at less than 5 mph. the roads were icy, and the vehicle was in 4-wheel drive. the brakes locked, but the vehicle kept moving until it crashed into another vehicle that was parked. the abs had been activated at low speeds six months before the accident. the abs activation was intermittent, and many times the brakes were difficult to depress. the vehicle is currently at a different mechanic shop, which determined that the problem may be with the abs sensors. *ak updated 1/11/2006 - the vehicle was taken to the service dealer who determined that the abs sensors were corroded. the dealer cleaned the sensors and sprayed the with an anti-corrosion spray. the consumer has filed a complaint with the manufacturer. *nm
Electrical System 28 April 2005 1995 chevrolet 2500 headlights and windshield wipers stopped working.*mr the consumer believes the failure was the result of a faulty dimmer switch and the tilting steering wheel. *nm
Electrical System
27 March 2005 With little or no warning, the truck backfired, sputtered and would not run. could not be restarted. parts replaced were the ignition module and pick-up coil, old parts unavailable.
Power Train
Automatic Transmission
28 February 2005 The driver noticed a brownish liquid leaking from underneath the vehicle onto the ground while the vehicle was parked inside of garage. driver contacted a mechanic, and the mechanic informed the driver that transmission needed to be replaced due to the housing shaft. *ak
Steering 09 December 2004 The consumer stated he experienced the same problem as stated in recall number 03v527000/steering gear bearings. upon turning the steering wheel at low speeds, it became difficult. also, there was a popping noise when turning the steering wheel. please provide any further information. *jb
20 November 2004 My white 1995 suburban, which i am the orgional owner, paint is flaking off of the vehicle. i have seen other white cheverlot and gm vehicles doing the same thing on the similar parts of the car. i would like to know if their are any recalls concerning this matter. *ak
Seats 10 November 2004 Loss of vehicle control on interstate highway. inadvertant lane change during noon urban traffic due to sudden movement of driver seat to the rear. seat collapse caused by seat separation at left front seat track attachment to the bottom of the seat pan. material failure of seat frame resulting in bolt attachment ripping free of sheet metal seat bottom. the seat is unstable and right front mount failure is iminent. no repairs attempted yet but failure appears to be well known and prevalent across all gm truck lines in 94-96 year group. note: no operator of this vehicle since 1996 purchase has weighed more than 180 lbs and the seat has not been subjected to any collision or abuse. normal loading and usage is light to moderate duty.
Fuel System, Other
Fuel Pump
10 October 2004 There were non events leading up to the unexpected failure of my stanadyne pump mounted driver (fuel solenoid driver). the failure caused my 1995 6.5l diesel chevrolet suburban to stall in rush hour traffic! this caused me to loose power brakes and power steering. being a 3/4 ton pickup, this was not a pretty picture. the stall caused me to run off the road and into a ditch. luckily there was no oncoming traffic. to correct the problem i installed a new ~$400 stanadyne pmd. these pmds are known to go out every 30,000 miles. this is not acceptable, and stanadyne needs to do something about this manufacture flaw. *nm
18 August 2004 Firestone steeltex at tires, in size 245/75r16 i have experienced tread separation on two different occasions in the past years years. currently have one additional tire in my possession that was exhibiting the same symptoms of impeding failure. in both incidents, thankfully there was no personal injury, but each incident did result in significant damage to my vehicle in excess of $3000.00. 1st tire was returned to firestone for their inspection in august 2002, firestone claimed no fault or defect. 2nd tire was lost, 3rd tire still in my possession. *jb
02 August 2004 The driver side back door has a pin that holds the door together has fallen off several times while i was driving and my children have almost fallen out .now the door doesn't shut properly.*ak
Fuel System, Diesel 01 June 2004 I have had nothing but problems with my 1995 chevrolet c-2500 pickup with the 6.5 turbo diesel engine. there is a major design flaw with the pump mounted driver and injection pump. the pump mounted driver is mounted tom the injection pump and the heat from both the pump and engine is destroying the driver. when the driver fails the engine will quit at any speed and you have complete loss of brakes,power steering, was pulling a trailer last time my pump driver failed and luckily was not going up or down a hill because i had to use the electronic trailer brakes to stop my truck injection pump is also a known issue with these engines and the replacement is over 1200 dollars. gm extended the war for these two parts to 11 years or 120k. unfortunately almost all of the trucks were past the war period due to millage.these are diesel trucks and rack up a lot of truck is a 1995 but is over the mileage needs to extend the millage part of the warr to help owners keep their cars on the road, and not have to pay for gm's design flaw.i have spent close to 3000 just by replacing these two parts several times.there are several message board for the 6.5l turbo diesel discussing this issue.(, many vendors have started to make kits that move the pump driver off the pump and out the engine valley to a location that has more airflow and include a heat sink to help keep the temps down.this driver is nothing more than 2 resistors but cost over $500.*ak
25 April 2004 January 2001 my paint started falling off in large pieces, chevrolet was notified april 2001. the response was its wear and tear or acid rain, i have seen many other white suburbans losing their paint the same way. i have notified gm on their customer online center and recieved a cookie cutter response that it is not a manufacturer defect, i notified gm in 2001 and 2004 and recieved the exact same email word for word. i went back to my local chevrolet dealer and told him the problem, he took pictures and proceeded to work the problem(april 2004) the response from the factory is that they will cover 30% of the paint if i have them do it. i have two estimates from reputable body shops at $2600-$3000. that means i would have to cover about $2000 for a factory defect, both body shops diagnosed the paint problem as delamination ( seperation of paint from primer). as of this time there is no resolution as i feel gm has known about the paint problem since 1993 and is waiting for these old cars to be scrapped so they won't have to repaint them. my 1995 suburban 2500 4x4 is a low mileage vehicle and i want to keep it as long as i can!*ak
Exterior Lighting
Turn Signal
11 March 2004 while driving 45 mph had used the turn signal, and turn signal light remained on until the vehicle was turned off. consumer took vehicle to the dealer for inspection, and mechanic wa snot able to duplicate or resolve the problem. *ak *mr