All Consumer Complaints for 1996 Mercedes-Benz C220

Important Note About Consumer Complaints

The Consumer Complaints are provided by the NHTSA and are used AS IS, without editing by anyone. You should use these consumer complaints as a starting point to see what potential issues you should look for.

Component Date of Report Summary
Engine 01 January 2013 While accelerating the mercedes c220 will surge, stall and cut engine power or "cut out". idle is unstable. wiring harness insulation is crumbling.
Vehicle Speed Control 01 January 2013 While accelerating the mercedes c220 will surge, stall and cut engine power or "cut out". idle is unstable. wiring harness insulation is crumbling.
Electrical System 01 January 2013 While accelerating the mercedes c220 will surge, stall and cut engine power or "cut out". idle is unstable. wiring harness insulation is crumbling.
Electrical System 30 January 2012 Recently there was an issue with the car. the temperature gage was showing the vehicle as heating up. the temp would reach close to 120 f. after further investigation by our mechanic, the vehicle needed the entire electrical wiring to be replaced. our mechanic said that if not replaced, the car would eventually catch on fire. the electrical wiring is faulty not due to wear and tear on the car but should have been recalled by mercedes for faulty wiring. the wiring has completely deteriorated and the wires are completely exposed and if the wires happen to touch each other, that is what will cause the fire. in order to get these wires replaced, it will cost well over $1500.00 to replace all the wiring. *tt
Electrical System 09 December 2011 Wiring harness damaged causing decreased performance, check engine light, and lower fuel economy. *tr
Engine And Engine Cooling 31 August 2011 I was driving home, when i heard the seat belt start squeaking, then after a while i smelled smoke and then smoke started coming out of the hood and the engine died suddenly in the middle of the road. i pushed the car to the side of the road and opened the hood to let the smoke out. i was thinking i was out of coolant, but the reservoir tank was full. i waited for at least one hour to let the engine cool off, before restarting the car. the car started after the 3rd try, but the squeaking was getting louder as i started driving home. i went drove to the store with my other car to buy a belt dresser or belt spray and sprayed it on the belt. i went to check online to find the closest mercedes benz repair shop and ran across the website and found there was a recall on the 1996 mb c220 regarding the drive belt pulley with recall# 96v058000 and t hen called mbusa to inquire about the recalled model, but she told me that my car's vin# was not on the recall list. so what can i do about the problem described on when the recall symptoms are the same. i don't understand why the same year and model of my car has not been recalled. updated 08/31/11 *bf
Engine And Engine Cooling 11 August 2011 Tl* the contact owns a 1996 mercedes c220. the contact stated that the engine began to make a squeaking noise and started smoking. the vehicle stalled moments after the smoking began. the contact felt that the failure was caused by the drive belt pulley. the vehicle had not been inspected. the failure and current mileages were 75,000.
Electrical System 03 June 2011 1996 mercedes c220; electrical harness problems; engine will turn over but will not start; sometimes the car will start and run, then will cut off when slowing up at a stop or when putting into reverse. several mechanics say that the mercedes company allowed inferior wiring to be used but will not stand behind the product. this is not safe and a recall should have been issued or dealers should pay for the replacement of the wiring. *tr
Electrical System 03 March 2011 Engine wiring harness wire insulation is beginning to biodegrade and crumble apart. car will not be able to pass emissions without a replacement part, which costs no less than $1350 (for a wire bundle and hookups that are doomed to fail again in the same way), plus 4-7 hours of labor costs. car has less than 60k miles on it and is in otherwise great condition. after speaking with the mechanic, he said anyone who owns this make of car will have a mandatory $2000 wire harness replacement fee somewhere along the way (at least once, if not every few years). even with a replacement, it will only postpone the issue until the new one inevitably begins to break down. extremely poor automotive design! mercedes should be held accountable for what appears to be a massive design flaw affecting all cars of several similar models within a half-decade or more time frame. the makers of the faulty part are making bank off of mandatory repairs and part replacements due to their own negligence. that is absolutely wrong and unethical, and the makers should be held accountable and be forced to recall the part. *tr
Engine And Engine Cooling 11 January 2011 Tl*the contact owns a 1996 mercedes benz c280. while driving approximately 40 mph the steering wheel became very stiff and difficult to turn. the check engine and battery lights began illuminating moments before the vehicle stalled. the vehicle was towed. the failure was not diagnosed. the manufacturer was notified and the contact was told that the vehicle was not included in the recall associated with nhtsa campaign id number 96v058000, engine and engine cooling:engine. the vehicle was not repaired. the failure and current mileages were 119,293.
Engine And Engine Cooling 19 October 2008 The car is very hard to start (doesn't fire immediately), the idle speed races higher and lower without driver input. the car looses power at highway speeds without driver input. *tr
Electrical System 04 September 2008 I have a 1996 mercedes benz. the car literally shuts off on the road. i have replaced maf and o2 sensors repeatedly to no avail. i'm told by my mechanic that the problem is a corroded engine wiring harness. *tr
Electrical System 09 August 2008 Car surges, stalls, idles rough, and also revs at about 4000 rpm. took to repair shop, was told electrical harness was deteriorating causing these problems and also other problems. mechanic stated this was a common problem for early 90s mercedes. wiring harness cost $1,198.75. have not repaired at this time. *tr
Electrical System 20 July 2008 The car not run the wiring of computer to fuel injection is fails. *tr
Electrical System
17 April 2008 My mercedes benz 220c went dead at stop light causing danger to who ever was driving. i took auto to mercedes dealer who informed me that wire harness was deteriorating after only 80,000 miles on car. also air flow was bad. *tr
Electrical System
11 July 2007 Engine keeps shutting off while accelerating. this happened several times while driving sometimes in the left lane and then have to coast to the side. very scary and unsafe!. ! i took vehicle to the mechanic and he said the engine wire harness needed to be replaced. *ak